Bread loaves

Baking Little Bites of Heaven


Is there anything better than freshly-baked bread? Just the golden sight of it, the heat rising off the surface, the crispy outer crunch that yields to the softer-than-a-cloud insides – this has the power to make any mouth water, on any given day. But for you to achieve all the things we love about bread, you need a true expert with the skills, dedication, and experience to bring dormant wads of dough to brilliant life.

You need the bakers at Orillia!

A small display of various breads and rolls

Whole Wheat
Garlic & Cracked Pepper Sour Dough
Rye Breads

Apple Cranberry
Cheese Bread
Potato Rosemary
Italian Loaf

Sour Dough
And lots more in store!

Here in our local shop, we bake everything fresh, every day. For more than 34 years, we have been here; perfecting our techniques and adding more items to our ever-expanding menu! What kinds of breads do we offer? Take a look!


Along with our incredible selection of assorted baked breads, we also offer a terrific selection of buns to take home! From dinner rolls to sandwich bread, if you need something to sop up your gravy, soak in your sauce, or add a whole new flavour to your favourite sandwich, Orillia is the one stop for you! Take some time to preview a small sample of our selection to get to know what we offer:

Crusty Italian
Cheese Buns
Soft Italian

Whole Wheat Crusty
Rye Buns
White & Whole Wheat Dinner
Mini Ciabatta

Small selection of our fresh bread rolls
For more information about the breads and buns at the Orillia Bakery & Deli, call 705-326-5555 or drop by to check out our fabulous selection of products!