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Local & Imported Cheeses

Standing alone or perfectly matched with meats and hor d’oeuvres, doesn’t cheese just dance on your taste buds? There are so many varieties of amazing cheeses that come in from across the globe, we can’t enjoy just one! Cheese is simple. It is filling. It can be blended and presented however you want – right to perfection.

At The Orillia Bakery & Deli, we know all about the taste satisfying power of cheese, and we serve up one of the best selections of domestic and international products to be found in Ontario! Our selections are chosen by in-house experts who know what our clients want, and deliver wondrous variety. The various cheeses in our shop have helped us to be voted Orillia’s best bakery and delicatessen since 2010, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy them too!

Cheese We Offer:

  • Havarti and Blue Cheeses
  • Bellavitano Balsamic
  • Gruyere 1655
  • White Stilton Mango Ginger
  • St. Agur
  • Applewood Smoked Cheddar
  • Grand Creme Delin
  • Caciotta Di Capra with Olive Oil & Pepper
  • Goat Cheeses
  • Bris
  • Goudas
  • Dutch Cheeses
  • Cheeses from PEI
  • And many more…
Fresh cheeses available at Orillia

Customized Catering:

Need cheese for a formal occasion? Ask us about our customized catering availability! We’ll put together plates for you that include some of the finest flavors of artisanal cheeses that will go with absolutely any dish, or any type of event. German, French, Italian, Irish – whatever you and your guests are in the mood for, we’ll make it happen for less.

Fresh cheeses available at Orillia
Wide variety of imported and fresh cheeses
For more information about the Orillia Bakery & Deli, call 705-326-5555 or drop by to check out our fabulous selection of products at 155 Front St. South, Orillia, Ontario!