Bread loaves

A Customized Arrangement of Bread

Bread. It’s so simple. It is food at its most basic level and generally accessible to absolutely everyone, as it is so easy to make.

But for all its simplicity, bread is also extremely important! It can be the guest of honor at almost every formal meal, and an absolute life saver after a long day in the car on the way to the wedding.

When you arrive at a sit-down event, and the hors d’oeuvres won’t be served for some time, what are you offered? That’s right, bread. Sliced bread, rolls, butter – sometimes it is the only thing that can sustain you – sustain the kids – until the festivities begin. It fills you up, and gives you the energy you need to put on your best smile, and wait for the real food to arrive at the table.

Available for custom bread orders

When satisfying the voracious appetites of your hungry party-guests, start with a classical bread and roll arrangement from the Orillia Bakery & Deli! We will bake as much as you need, slice it up any way you want, and deliver it on time to you, in the Orillia, ON area. Whether you have a wedding, special catered event, corporate meeting, or run a local restaurant, we can provide you with large quantity orders of sliced breads and buns to fill your guests and coworkers up right.

For more information about our party trays, or to place a customized order with us, please contact the Orillia Bakery & Deli at 705-326-5555.