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Customized Meat & Cheese Trays

Whether you’re just watching the game, or getting family from far and wide to come back for the reunion, you’re going to need something to feed their hunger. Chips, pretzels, pizza, BBQ – all of these things are acceptable, and may suffice, but why not add a touch of class with a professionally-arranged meat, cheese, or dessert tray from us!?

The Orillia Bakery & Deli offers specialty trays of the top cheeses, delicious meats, and decadent desserts from the farms, markets, and ovens you trust. Imported, domestic – tell us what you need and we’ll provide options for arrangements that are sure to please, and always leave your guests satisfied.

Meat Trays

Including black forest ham, roast beef, assorted cold cuts, salami, turkey and chicken available for a minimal extra cost

Size Serves Price
SMALL 8-12 Call for Pricing
MEDIUM 15-25 Call for Pricing
LARGE 25-35 Call for Pricing

Cheese Trays

Including an assortment of cheeses, cubed or sliced, fruit and crackers

Size Serves Price
SMALL 8-10 Call for Pricing
MEDIUM 15-20 Call for Pricing
LARGE 25-35 Call for Pricing

Meat & Cheese Nibbler Trays

Includes Kolbassa, Csabai, Cheese slices, Crackers and dip

Serves Price
30 Call for Pricing

Dessert Trays

Includes 15 squares cut in fours

Serves Price
20 (60 Piece Count Total) Call for Pricing

Sandwich Trays

Sandwich Trays are made on a count basis.

At The Orillia Bakery & Deli, we also offer 3 different sizes of party trays to accommodate your group. Our largest meat and cheese trays can accommodate up to 35 people, so you never have to worry about running out at the wrong time! Take some time to review everything we offer below and find out how Orillia can cater any event you decide to host!

Meat tray created by Orillia Bakery

Small Tray Serves 8-12
Medium Tray Serves 15-25
Large Tray Serves 25-35

Custom cheese tray arrangement

Small Tray Serves 8-10
Medium Tray Serves 15-20
Large Tray Serves 25-35

Custom dessert tray arrangement

 Serves 20

For more information about the Orillia Bakery & Deli, call 705-326-5555 or drop by to check out our fabulous selection of products at 155 Front St. South, Orillia, Ontario!